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Mission Statement

To support the educational, social and emotional development of children, ages 0-5, by providing high quality, comprehensive and family-focused early childhood services in partnership with the community.

Prepare Your Child from Infancy for Lifelong Learning
The first five years of a child’s life are the most important for developing a passion for books and learning. Sharing and reading books with children from infancy to age five prepares them for kindergarten and establishes a foundation for lifelong learning. As a parent, you have the strongest influence in motivating your child to fall in love with books and to become a good reader when he or she begins school.


Create a Bright Future for Your Child
Children who learn to love books at an early age are better prepared for learning when they start school. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude about reading will deepen your child’s interest in books and make early learning fun. Raising A Reader helps you to help your child establish a solid foundation for success in school, work and life!

To participate in the Raising A Reader program, contact your child’s preschool teacher, child care provider, or community family center; or you can call us at (707) 252-8931, ext. 2847.





The following agencies and preschools partner with Child Start to provide the Raising A Reader program in Napa and Solano Counties:

American Canyon Family Resource Center

Calistoga Elementary School

Calistoga Family Center

• Child Start Inc.
...• Head Start Program
...• Early Head Start Program

Community Action of Napa Valley
...Los Niños Child Development Program

Community Resource for Children

• First Teacher Preschool Program

• Hearts and Hands Preschool

• Napa Community Resources
...• Little Rascals Preschool Program

Napa County Office of Education
...Child Development Program
...Napa Infant and Preschool Programs

Napa Valley Language Academy Preschool

Napa Valley Unified School District
...• Adult Educational ESL Program
...• Child Development Program

Presbyterian Day School

St. Helena Family Center

• Sunshine and Rainbows Preschool









Raising A Reader Inspires Early Learning

• Stimulates infant, toddler and preschool development through talking, reading aloud, and singing

• Supports sensitive, nurturing parent-child interactions

• Builds child’s awareness of spoken and written language

• Expands vocabulary, knowledge, imagination, and creativity

• Enhances children’s ability to listen

• Promotes self-confidence and teaches responsibility

• Provides an easy and convenient way to bring books into the home

• Helps parents feel confident about the quality and variety of available books

• Provides multi-cultural books in English and Spanish

• Encourages a family routine of having more “special time” together

• Strengthens partnerships between parents and teachers





• David Abreu Vineyard Management

Mary W. Novak

• Mechele Small Haggard

Napa Valley Community Foundation
.. • Elaine Freed
• Palisades Farm Fund
...• Richard & Martha Pastcan Fund

• Jewish Community Foundation

• Joseph F. Harbison III

• Lynch Family Foundation

• McMinn Foundation

• Robert & Kathleen Piziali

• Robert D. & Stacey E. Bressler

• Robert E. Cook & Paula J. Brooks

• Robert Torres

• Robin Daniel & Jon Lail

Silicon Valley Foundation

Silver Oak Cellars

Vintner's Collective

• Vodaphone - U.S. Foundation

• W. Robert Phillips




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