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Providing Napa & Solano Counties with NO COST Infant/Toddler & Preschool Services

Child Start Inc.
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439 Devlin Rd.
Napa, CA 94588

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Mission Statement

To support the educational, social and emotional development of children, ages 0-5, by providing high quality, comprehensive and family-focused early childhood services in partnership with the community.

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For enquiries please contact CSI Admin. Office, not the individual centers. Use the phone numbers in the left column. Use extension 2013, 2019. They will help with all your questions!

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1 Vineyard Crossings 1 & 2 Head Start
202 Tapestry Lane #150
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Vineyard Crossings Head Start


1. Tabor 1 & 2 Head Start
83 Tabor Avenue, Fairfield
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Tabor Head Start

2. Kidder 1, 2, & 3 Head Start
1657 Kidder Avenue, Fairfield
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3. Sunset Creek Head Start
840 East Travis Blvd., Fairfield
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Sunset Creek Head Start

4. Suisun Head Start
725 Golden Eye Way, Fairfield
(at the elem. school)
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5. Woolner Head Start - Full Day Full Year
1406 Woolner Avenue, Fairfield
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1. Menlo 1,2, & 3 Head Start

2. Menlo 4 Early Head Start

1551 Myrtle Ave., Napa
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Menlo Head Start

3. Westwood Head Start
2700 Kilburn Ave., Napa
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4. Administration Office
439 Devlin Road, Napa
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5. Fuller Park Head Start
Laurel St. & Seminary St., Napa (at Fuller Park)

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6. Mayacamas Head Start
70 Calaveras Ct., Napa
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7. Therapeutic Child Care Center Early Head Start & Head Start
2344 Old Sonoma Road, Napa
On the campus of Health and Human Services
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1. Markham Head Start

100 Markham Avenue, Room 26
(portable to the right of the HS playground on the Markham Elementary School Campus)
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2. Padan Head Start
100 Padan School Road, at Davis Street
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3. Mariposa 1 Head Start

4. Mariposa 2 Head Start
1625 Alamo Dr.
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5. Larsen Head Start
1707 California Dr.
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Larsen Head Start


1. Setterquist Early Head Start

300 Stanford Dr. at Setterquist Park
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2. North Vallejo 1 & 2 Head Start
1638-A Fairgrounds Dr.
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North Vallejo Head Start

3. Washington Park Head Start
900 Ohio Street at Napa Street
Google Map

Washington Park

4. Virginia 1 & 2 Head Start
1328 Virginia Street
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Virginia Head Start

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