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Mission Statement

To support the educational, social and emotional development of children, ages 0-5, by providing high quality, comprehensive and family-focused early childhood services in partnership with the community.

Welcome Parents, Family Members and all those who love and care for the children in our communities and those we serve through the programs of Child Start!

At Child Start, we believe that the parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life and that anything we do to promote change in a child’s life must be done within the context of that child’s family and culture.

We look forward to working with you, in a true partnership, to provide opportunity for growth and development for your child as they explore the world around them, stretch towards their potential, and reach for the possibilities of their best selves.

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Advocacy is extremely important to the success of Head Start. As Head Start is funded primarily by public sources, securing adequate funding for our grantee members' academic, social, health and family services is one of our primary advocacy objectives. To accomplish this, we educate human services decision-makers about the wide range of services Head Start programs provide, about the succeesses of both the children and the families, about the research that proves its effectiveness...and about the savings it ultimately delivers to society.

For Child Start Inc., one of our primary objective, is to establish and maintain positive, ongoing contact with the legislative and executive branches of government, at the federal and state levels. And, it means keeping abreast of issues, trends and legislation that have the potential to affect Head Start, and letting legislators know and understand our point of view about such issues.

How Can I Help?

Individuals involved in the Head Start program, and others with a special interest in the program are in a perfect position to be heard by policy makers. Their personal experiences and successes with the programs reinforce the impact that Head Start has on the lives of the families in their jurisdiction. Legislators often make important decisions based on only a few contacts from their constituents. When they know voters "back home" care about an issue, they pay attention. Let them know what you think.

And, be sure to register to vote. It's easy! The only requirements are that you are a U.S. citizen, resident of California and are at least 18 years old. You can register at your county's election office, or click here or here for a step by step guide to becoming a registered voter. You can also call 1-800-262-VOTE for more information.

Once you've registered, it's important to vote in local, state and national elections. Be informed about the issues and the candidates, and be part of the process. You will make a difference!

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click here to take our Parent Survey. It only takes 10 minutes and the results will be used to strengthen our services!

MAYACAMAS PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Due to an oversight, you were not included in the initial survey. Please click here to take the survey. We apologize for the oversight.


• Parent Trainings
• Family Partnership Agreement
• Parent Meetings
• Policy Council Parent Leaders

Our best resource is you, the parents in the program. If there is something you want to share with the program, we would like to hear from you. While volunteering is one of the more common ways parent participate, we are always looking for someone to share their cooking talent with children, paint a classroom, plant a garden, build a planter box, teach a soccer camp, or help in the office. Your volunteering also helps raise In-kind dollars for the program. In-kind is the amount of volunteering needed from the community for Head Start to continue operating and receiving its federal grant.


Parent Trainings

During your time with the program, we will have a number of parent training opportunities available. We have some exciting parent training workshops we are offering this year, please look at the Parent Bulletin Board for these upcoming events. Additionally, every month at the parent meetings, staff invites community presenters to talk about their services. At orientation you will be asked by staff to complete the Parent Meeting Survey, this is a list of training topics you might be interested in. Staff will tally the most popular request, and offer those trainings during the course of the year. Many agencies have come to share information on health and nutrition, dental education, legal aid, Kindergarten readiness, and many more. Lastly, if we hear of any good trainings going on in the community, we will put a flyer in your box or have the information posted on the Parent Bulletin board in your classroom.


Family Partnership Agreements

Whatever goals or opportunities you would like to have for your family, we would like to assist with any resources you may need. It’s our partnership and commitment to you. We will meet with you to explore any goals you may have for yourself or your family, and together work on a road map to make it happen.


Parent Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at a day and time convenient for a majority of the families at each site/cluster. At parent meetings you will:

Meet other parents.

• Work closely with staff to decide what kind of education and learning experiences your children will receive at Head Start.

• Share ideas.

• Learn about community services.

• Plan future events.

Watch for notices of meeting dates and times

Come join us! It's fun!

Policy Council Parent Leaders

As an Early Head Start or Head Start parent, you have an opportunity to participate on the Policy Council to make important decisions about how the program operates.


Be a voice for your child and other families in the program

• Develop Leadership skills in program planning, operations, and decision-making

• Learn to run meetings effectively and efficiently

• Develop career skills

• Learn how government programs operate

Develop plans and strategies for serving children and families in the Early Head Start and Head Start programs

• Work in partnership with the Child Start Board of Directors

• Approve the Early Head Start and Head Start budgets, funding applications, and the Annual Self-Assessment

• Participate in the hiring process

• Be elected in October by parents from your child’s classroom.
• Commit to participate for one year - From October 2011 to October 2012.

• Attend a Policy Council Orientation in October.

• Commit to attend the Policy Council meetings once a month.

When: 2nd Wednesday evening of every month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Where: Administrative Office in Napa at 439 Devlin Road

• Attend monthly Parent Socializations at your site to inform parents about the Policy Council activities and get information from the parents to take back to the Policy Council.

• Choose to serve on one of the committees including:
• Planning and Finance
• Personnel
• Health Services Advisory Committee
• Family Services Advisory Committee
• Education Advisory Committee

Policy Council Representatives receive mileage and child care reimbursement when attending a council or committee meeting.



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