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Mission Statement

To support the educational, social and emotional development of children, ages 0-5, by providing high quality, comprehensive and family-focused early childhood services in partnership with the community.

We graciously appreciate our benefactors for their kind contributions and help in fulfilling our mission. Our agency wouldn't be where it is today without their support throughout the years.

Please take a moment and read over the list of foundations, businesses and individuals from our community, committed to helping Child Start Inc. achieve its mission of ensuring that our youngest children have a solid foundation for life.

Donations help us maintain facilities and create play spaces. Make your donation today by writing a check to Child Start Inc.

National Head Start Association
The National Head Start Association (NHSA) is a private not-for-profit membership organization representing the 835,000 children, upwards of 170,000 staff and 2,051 Head Start programs in America. NHSA provides a national forum for the continued enhancement of Head Start services for poor children ages 0 to 5, and their families.

First Five - Napa County
First 5's mission is to improve the ability of local service providers to help children get a strong, healthy start in life.

First Five - Solano County
First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission creates and fosters programs and partnerships with community entities to promote, support and improve the lives of young children, their families and their communities.



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Napa Vintners provides funding for Raising A Reader, Fatherhood Project and Early Childhood Education Projects.


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